Kimaldi gets the Evolis Official Importer Certification in Spain in 2002 and in Portugal in 2005.

Kimaldi is certified as Evolis Repair Center in Spain since 2004 and in Portugal since 2006 and we renew this certification annually. Our personnel is composed by Evolis technicians to clear up any situation repairing card printers. Besides, Kimaldi gives trainings to our customers collaborating with Evolis personnel.

Evolis is a worldwide reference company in card printing markets. Its difference rests on its technical reliability, its design and its high features, always with European manufacturing, which makes Evolis the card printers’ reference brand.

This makes Kimaldi a reference company in card printers sector, giving a high quality technical service and a technical support to our customers about all Evolis products range.

Kimaldi Electronics has 10 years of experience in card printers sector and a wide distributor network all around the peninsula.