Kimaldi Flexy Access Control

Controller with MIFARE-DESFire reader integrated. Ethernet connection. IP65. PoE supply optionally.

Different models and finishes, the highest flexibility for online control and several applications like readers, sensors and resources management.
  • Easy to integrate and maintain.
  • High modularity.
  • Option to integrate extra hardware devices.
  • Small size for real physic integration.
  • Storage on Card (SoC) function.
  • Powerful KXP connection. Easy integration to complete networks.

The Online Flexy is the beginning of the new generation of Kimaldi controllers; compatible with KXP communication protocol, the application enable a complete control the Flexy through methods and events of the KProduct library.
It integrates in a single electronic board:

  • 1 MIFARE-DESFire reader (ISO 14443A-3)
  • 1 FIM fingerprint biometric reader
  • Clock&Data or Wiegand ports for an additional reader
  • Ethernet connectivity and 2 RS-232 ports
  • 1 relay
  • 1 tri-colour led and 1buzzer configurable
  • 2 digital input

Everything is accessible in real time from the Host, either through its serial port and Ehernet UDP-KXP connection.

Therefore we achieve an ideal device for access control systems that require online reading/writing RFID cards or biometric identification.

Flexy also provides the option of RFID automatic reading option: The wide range of configurations permits an automatic card memory sector reading.

Besides, it allows Storage on Card (SoC) or Match on Card function, so you can storage the template on card and check it with the biometric fingerprint.
Match on Card online and Match on Card offline function for projects.

The device includes IP65 protection against dust and water.

The software programmer can control in real time each hardware component. Thanks to this, the access control configuration between RF module and biometric identification is open to different designs.

Since the electronic board Flexy serial ports can be configured as KXP bridges, it is very simple to incorporate a wide variety of electronics and modules, and thus expand the available network hardware, adding relays, digital inputs and other readers.

KXP Protocol and Host communications:

The new generation of Kimaldi devices includes KXP Protocol, which embrace Kimaldi products under the same language, regardless the sort of connection they use (RS-232 – Ethernet – Wiegand…).
This Protocol includes the fully programmable KProduct library, in order to organize the commands required to meet the needs of access control.
So, each device connected under the KXP Protocol has a unique MAC number which defines and located in the hardware devices network.
The KProduct library is designed to detect and locate the connected elements and thus can perform actions on a specific element, like manage the KXP network, exchange data with other elements on the network, troubleshoot errors or make firmware updates.
It is very important and useful for quick upgrades and connected devices in the network.

Host Communications

The KProduct library has all resources for Host communications with Flexy online KXP terminal through the available channels: RS-232 connectivity and Ethernet UDP-KXP.
The terminal is always listening through these two channels, responding only through the channel asked. The sending of event will be held exclusively by the previous specified channel.

The new device Kimaldi Flexy Access Control is presented under different models and formats. Among them, we find the electronic OEM finish for integration.
Flexy electronic board is a device very easy to integrate thanks to its small size and its integrated MIFARE reader, which saves space in the installation.
One of the most used applications in the integration in turnstiles for access control.

  • Electronic board with integrated MIFARE reader and small sized which allows real physic integration into turnstiles.
  • Very easy to integrate in small turnstiles with little space.

Very useful for access control turnstiles in:

  • Sport Centres
  • Companies
  • Spa and wellness centres
  • Hotels and restaurants

Power Supply:

Depending on versions:

  • 5 VDC +/-10%
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)



RF reader:

  • Mifare-DESFire (ISO 14443-3)
  • Antenna integrated on board
  • Reading distance 50 mm. aprox.

TTL Ports:

  • Connection for reader Clock&Data, ABA Track-2
  • Connection for reader Wiegand 26, 34 and free.

Biometric System:

Nitgen FIM5360, 4060, 6060 Connected to the seral port


1 relay, free of power, 24V/1A (N.C.)
(24/1A: 500.000 commutations)

Digital inputs:

2 digital input

LED signal:

Tricolour Led Green, Red and Blue.


Integrated in circuit.


  • Ethernet 10 Base-T
  • 2 ports RS-232


65 x 65 x 20(h) mm.


-10ºC a 60ºC


Dimensions for integration:
Connectivity Diagram:

Kimaldi Flexy Access Control is a flexible device which is presented in several finishes and models, depending on each customer needs.

  • Mifare Terminal Flexy RFID. Finished in box.
    • IP65 protection.
  • Flexy RFID + Fingerprint biometrics Terminal. Finished in box.
    • Includes FIM module for a fingerprint biometric reading.
    • IP65 protection.
  • Flexy for integration Kit OEM. Electronic board for integration.
    • Allows its integration in turnstile.
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Option. 
    • Integrates the electrical power and network connection through the same cable.

The Access Control electronic board Flexy is a versatile element which allows all sorts of application and the combination with other devices.

  • Access Control to enclosures.
  • Flexy connected to a 16 relays card. Allows manage up to 16 different points:
    • Access Control to showers, padel court...
  • Resources Control and management.
    • Water control in showers.
  • Light control in sport courts.
  • RFID payment. Electronic wallet.
  • Booking management.
  • Control and management of several network devices for:
    • Sport Centres
  • Leisure Centres. 
  • Hotels and restaurants.  

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