Price holders

Price holders in blackboard format for customize the price and the product information

The management of product prices on the counters of the shops, called price holders, blackboards, price labels, is a very important issue.

  • Resistant and hygienic price holders(PVC easy to clean)
  • Compatibility with food (ISEGA certificatefor ink and TÜV for the cards)
  • Readability of data and image enhancement for brand and products
  • Many possibilities (card targets, black in white or preprinted for customize in monochrome)
  • Fast and easy print, also bar codes
  • Printer with easy use and integration

A 70% of the buying decisions occur at the point of sell, and the product price is, definitely, the point where are all the sights.

Price holders management implies some aspects:

  • Brand and product image
  • The information that is show, in addition of the price
  • Hygiene and certifications, especially if it's in contatct with the fresh product
  • The ease of price changes management and the possibility of automation
  • Price and durability

Evolis, one of the most important manufacturer in the world of plastic cards printers for people identification, it is proposed to develop the new price holders market with an innovative and a value-added proposal.

Evolis printers print price labels (price holders) customizables with many advantages over traditional solutions:

Evolis printers allows the professional print of high quality for customize each price holder at the moment, at the shop. With a good brand image and in relation to the brand.

Allows to change the design at any time, highlighting promotions.

Product information

In the price holders is not just the price, there is a lot of informations that must be displayed by law. Price holders allows any design and combine images, logos and all the information.

Hygiene and Certification

Both, price holders cards and printing ink are approved and certificated for use in contact with food.

  • Ink is certificated by ISEGA
  • The black price holder card is certificated by TÜV

Moreover, price holders are made of PVC, very easy to clean and without slots and edges where debris from accumulating.

Mangement of price changes

Price holders are printed instantly, per unit or in batch. Is a point very important because allows an important saving of time and money.

Moreover, there is the advantage of the flexibility to change the design and the information adapting it at any time.


Price holders are competitive in price and are also durable.

Kimaldi sells this solution of price holders through the exclusive distribution of the card printers brand Evolis.

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