Customers’ loyalty system and point cards

Loyalty and point cards integrated with commerce or association of commerce sales managing system.

This system is being carried out successfully by one of our distributors with the purpose of giving customers’ loyalty and points system by means of aMifare proximity card.

Commerce are evolving continuously and currently all point of sales are equipped with POS systems for its better sales management, data control and product control (stock).

With this solution all customers have its own Mifare loyalty card, so consumer can accumulate points to exchange for specific gifts, by choosing in the catalogue of gifts.

Thanks to new printing cards system all commerce functions grows and adapts to customers needs:

  • Customer loyalty

  • Sales growing

  • Creating new offers for customers

  • Knowing sales statitics

  • New communication links focused on end user (email, sms, post, etc.)

  • Giving an important company image


This system is good for commerce or a commerce association. Loyalty card works easily and the only thing needed is a Mifare USB card reader and Mifare loyalty cards.

This solution is compatible with any POS system or sales software, so there’s no need of changing its sales system.

First of all, customers are logged in less than a minute. The solution has an easily menu where customers log can be done. Data customer (Name, surname, born, ID Mifare card, etc.) are enclosed and will remain in customers’ data base, and can be changed at any moment.

Next, customer can offer loyalty card to the shop assistant, who’ll just have to pass the card over the RFID USB card reader and automatically will appear a window with data customer and its currently points. Afterwards must insert buy amount and taking the card out of the reader new points will be automatically added.

From this buying moment, customer will update and accumulate its points each time hi buys. Once his buy has been done and its customer loyalty card has been passed over Mifare USB card reader, the customer can get discounts or gifts from the commerce point gifts catalogue.

As far as commerce is concerned, will have a History Point Movement between dates quickly and effective.

Customers’ loyalty system has an internet automatically updating to improve software each time the application is initialized. For that software on web server last version is checked, giving the option to install a new version to have last system improvement and updating.

The solution allows an online connection to maintain relationships between same or different company commerce, to work together sharing customers, points, catalogues, merchandising, etc.

So, system advantages offer a total customers and point cards loyalty system, effective and easy to install for companies and customers:

  • Compatible with any POS and sales system

  • Card points and loyalty system with Mifare proximity card

  • Less than a second logging customer

  • Valid for different companies and establishments

  • Point movement history

  • Online automatic updating

  • Language: English

  • Recommended operative system: Windows XP / Vista / Server System


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