Electronic locks for lockers in ski slopes

An on-line solution with electronic locks for lockers for users who need to leave their belongings in a safe place while skiing. 

A Kimaldi distributor, specialized in equipment for ski slopes, has installed RFID electronic locks for lockersin over 10 European ski resorts. 

An RFID electronic lock system for lockers fully automated, optimized and perfected 

The user activates the lockers opening by identifying himself in the informer terminal or in the readers, located in different areas of the locker room, and using any type of identification such as: an intelligent locker result of a great previous development. 

El usuario activa la apertura de la taquilla identificándose en el terminal informador o en los lectores ubicados en diferentes zonas del vestuario, pudiendo utilizar cualquier tipo de identificación, como por ejemplo; PIN code, Smartphone, ski pass, bank card, RFID bracelets and key rings.

Forget the passwords or codes, they are no longer needed! In addition, the informer terminal will serve to remind the locker assigned in case you don’t remember. 

You have several options to book the locker: through the ski resorts group website, through the informer terminal in the entrance of locker room, in the office where the ski pass is purchased or using the terminals located near the lifts.

On-line electronic locks with which you can get all the information you need 

It is a great product that can be integrated with both Software management centre and Access Control Software. 

These On-line electronic locks are very easy to install because they don’t have any wiring. They are powered by batteries.

They are controlled by management software where you can see an historic of each user logs and also include an alarm if the locker is opened without permission.

The on-line electronic lock is integrable with different technologies: RFID, NFC, Biometría and bar code, QR codes, magnetic stripe, PIN, etc. 

A locking system planned for users comfort

The application is conceived to enhance customer comfort and safety before and after a day of skiing

In addition, the distributor has implemented a conditioning solution in the lockers that allows the customer to leave wet clothes and find them dry next day. 

The locker system by electronic locks has also been installed in gyms, sport centers, golf courses, universities and hospitals.  

Application reference: 01-1406-131


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