Staffs working day control system

To use several access control and time&attendance control technologies makes easy different Technologies for staff’s working day.

Currently there’re many companies which decide to take an efficiently working day control to manage working time easily. This working hours control is a double direction tool; the company controls staff’s worked hours, and simultaneously workers know their worked hours.

In order to take control of worked hours of the workers we use access control and Time&Attendance control technology. This technology has been developing and specializing day by day, adapting to all companies’ needs.
Thanks to access control and Time&Attendance control development of new technologies, staff’s working day is assured, and productivity control, incidences, working hours, holidays, etc are managed. All these actions with the object of increase productivity and manage working hours effectively and efficiently.
At Kimaldi we are manufacturers and distributors of developed Technologies for staff’s working hour. These used technologies are several and highly adaptable, depending on the customer’s needs.

Biometric and radiofrequency technologies for working hours control:

  • Fingerprint control system for working hours: fingerprint biometrics is the most extended technology thanks to its maturity, cost, usability and identification speed.
  • Vascular biometrics system for working hours: vascular biometric readers are safer, so biometric template is practically impossible to forger and do not leave trace, so it is ideal for high security applications. 
  • Facial biometrics system for working hours: Kimaldi offers a facial biometric terminal for contactless identification, fast and safe due to its double camera, with visible and infrared light to get a 3D pattern. 
  • Radiofrequency system for working hours: RFID technology allows card/tag data writing/reading from distance by using radiofrequency transmission. RFID readers/writers allows identification solutions, safety and comfortably. Reading range is from a few centimetres (proximity) to several metres (using active RFID), ideals for traceability and localization solutions. 

At Kimaldi we give priority to access control and time&attendance control quality, thanks to its high reliability in safety and staff working hours control security, easy managing and speed.  
We are manufacturers and distributors of main Brands and we give value offering a high quality technical support in all products we commercialize.
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