Automatic loan system for bicycles

RFID identification technology for a sustainable transport

Everytime, sustainable mobility has more importance and that citizens make an use more efficient of the different types of transport, so that the negative effects are diminished on environment and increases people’s quality of life.

By this reason, town councils and public organizations take measures to promote the use of ecological transports. A model of these measures can be the automatic loan system for bicycles introduced in Burgos city.

Users can move by the city using the bicycles available in the installation. In order to do it, they have to accredit themselves as users by a RFID card that has been supplied previously. This card has a code that univocally identifies the user and it is transmitted to the loan system. A display shows to the user the instructions that must follow to get the bicycle.

Every bicycle has a RFID R/W tag where the code is associated to the user, it enables to manage when the user returns the bicycle.

RFID reader/writers used to identify the bicycles are connected to a control communication board. This board manages two RFID readers ( to identify two bicycles ). Every board is connected to a network of readers CAN and its turn, it communicates with the host.

By the connection to different automated systems, bicycles are hired in one specific place and can be returned in other one.

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This solution reference: 01-0611-33


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