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Mid-range printers

Plastic cards and ticket printers for medium and high volumes, colour or monochrome, and one or both sides print.

Ideal to print/customize about thousands of cards a year, with a high quality and features. Card prints with the guaranty of Evolis, Magicard and DNP and with the reliable service of Kimaldi.
Card printers one or both sides and colour or monochrome print with sublimation technology, thermal transfer and retransfer. Several magnetic stripes encode options, proximity or RFID, smart cards and bar-code. Print options with anti-forgery.

Evolis Zenius

Evolis Zenius Card Printer

Zenius is the best card printer used for reduced volume of printing. It is the best printing quality and it has all the options of cards encoding of current cards with hindsight (a posteriori).

Zenius card printer is innovated because of its simplicity and useful design. It is perfect for solutions in receptions, points of sales and others solutions which can print the card codes “in situ” at the same moment.

Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy card printer

Primacy is a high-range printer for single or double side printings. Modularity and flexibility with 3 years of warranty.

Primacy card printer is a highly customizable printer thanks to its several encoding modules. Ideal to use in transport, id cards and multiapplication cards like student ones.

Impresora Magicard Enduro3E

Magicard Enduro3E Card printer

Single-sided Secure ID card printer which can be easily upgraded to double-sided. Edge to edge with 100 card feeder

Single-sided card printer, easily upgradeable to double-sided with Ethernet & USB connection

Volume card printer, manual o reuse printed cards. It incorporates the security system and print cards HoloPatch and allows the cards codification. Magicard Enduro3E is perfect for ID projects in companies, education and events. 

3 years of warranty


DNP CX-D80 retransfer card printer

The most reliable and featured retransfer card printer of the maket

Retransfer card printer with the most innovative reliability and high quality printing, available for all types of card-issuing applications. Printing head unlimited warranty.

Magicard Rio Pro

Magicard Rio Pro card printer

Single-sided card printer for safety identification cards, single o double sided. High speed and quality prints. 3 years warranty for any amount of production.

The anti-forgery system prints a watermark onto the film protection in the same cycle of printing with no supplies extra cost. 3 years of warranty including printhead and a free loaner printer.

Evolis Elypso

Impresora de tarjetas Evolis Elypso

Elypso es una impresora para imprimir altos volúmenes de tarjetas al momento. Modulable y flexible Elypso es la mejor solución para la personalización de tarjetas plásticas.

La impresora de tarjetas Elypso es una impresora muy flexible y de tamaño reducido. Ideal para usar en tarjetas identificativas y tarjetas multiaplicación como las tarjetas de estudiantes.

Cintas Evolis High Trust

Consumables and Ribbons Evolis-Evolis High Trust

Complete range of ribbons for Evolis printers.

Evolis ribbons are printing consumables needful for printing cards. Evolis has a huge range of printing ribbons to adapt to all printig needs with the best quality, guarantee and cost saving.

Using Evolis originals ribbons  to assure the colors stability, maximize the functionals of ribbon saving, the good printer use and a good guarantee of Evolis printers.  

Tarjetas plásticas

Plastic cards

RFID cards, proximity, blank plastic card, magnetic stripe card, smart card. Blank card, pre-printed and customized

Software cardPresso

Editing Software cardPresso cards

Card editing software for all types of plastic card printers

Lectores de tarjetas

Card Readers

Card readers and writers: magnetic stripe, RFID, smart card, bar code, motorized and readers network