·Single or double-sided printing
·300 dpi resolution
·More than 16 million colors
·Ability to erase and rewrite on cards
·Plug&Play system

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·Retransfer printing
·300 dpi resolution
·More than 16 million colors
·Encryption options: magnetic stripe, chip, contactless card


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HID FARGO cleaning kits are designed for optimal cleaning of printers.

Color, monochrome and security ribbons. For HID FARGO dye sublimation or retransfer printers.

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Color printers using sublimation and dye-sublimation technology.


View the HDP5000

·Single or double-sided printing
·Retransfer printing
·More than 30,000 cards per year
·iCLASS SE encoder for smart cards included
·Card security: high
·Ultraviolet lamination layer

View the 4250e

·Up to 230 cards per hour  
·600 pixel resolution
·GreenCircle® certified
iON technology for fast warm-up time
·Coding options

View the HDP6600

·Single or double-sided printing
·300 dpi resolution
·More than 16 million colors
·Option to add modules for duplex printing, holographic lamination, and smart card encoding


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Kimaldi in numbers:


View the DTC1500

·High cost-effective printing capacity
·GreenCircle® certification
·Double-sided printing option and a lamination module
·Coding options

HID identity solutions provide people with convenient and secure access to physical and digital places, and connect objects that can be digitally identified, verified and tracked.

Millions of people use HID products in their daily lives and billions of products and services are connected through HID technology.

At Kimaldi we are HID Gold Partner

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Flexibility and adaptation to customers' needs

Proven experience of more than 25 years

After-sales Technical Service and Official Technical Service

Technically trained salespeople

Involvement and commitment to the Distributor Channel

Immediate delivery, we have a wide variety of products in stock.

Being an HID Global Gold Partner means that we have a strong relationship with HID Global, and expertise in security identity solutions. It implies:
- Proven ability to address customer challenges in the security identity domain.
- Demonstrated knowledge and competence in HID Global's product portfolio.
- Experience in integrating HID Global technology with other solutions.
- Collaboration and planning with HID Global on future endeavors.

Cleaning kits


Omnikey 5022

Contactless smart card reader that can be used with computers and standard workstations.

View OMNIKEY 5022

Omnikey 5427CK

Omnikey 5027

Versatile and easy to install, it does not need any software to operate.
Ideal for users of high and low frequency proximity cards and tags.

USB high frequency RFID card reader.
Easy to install and preconfigured by default for reading the most common cards.

View OMNIKEY 5427CKView OMNIKEY 5027


HID® DigitalPersona® 4500

Biometric fingerprint reader with USB connection.
For identification and authentication solutions in banks, health centers, retail (clothing stores) and supermarkets.

HID® DigitalPersona® 4500

HID® DigitalPersona® 5300

HID® Eikon Touch® TC510

Fast and reliable biometric authentication. Encrypted USB communication.
For point-of-sale identification and authentication solutions, secure fingerprint access in PC applications and access control.

Fingerprint reader with USB connection and FIPS 201/PIV certification, FAP 30.
Designed for solutions that require a high volume of enrollment and authentication.

HID® DigitalPersona® 5300HID® Eikon Touch® TC510

HID is a global provider of identification solutions.

In Kimaldi we market:

- HID FARGO card printers


- HID Biometric Readers

- HID Tags



HID® offers the most diverse and flexible line of tracking tags and transponders, backed by more than two decades of RFID development and manufacturing experience.

Innovative engineering, proprietary processes and ISO 9001-2008 certified facilities ensure that HID is a trusted supplier of RFID products.


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