Digital fingerprints are biometric features reliable and permanent, resistant to aging and variation in time, and therefore the fingerprint has become a biometric card that never lose, and for this reason its application is spreading to many areas of daily life.

Airport security

Passengers transit at the airports is one of the most important chanllenges for the nacional security. Because of that, the immigration of some countries have adopted systems of electronic border management to ensure the highest standards of reliability due to the rapid escalation of cross-border travel in its air terminals. Moreover, airports in Hong Kong, London, France, Bulgary and Francia, Bulgaria and many other countries have installed e-gates, which perform biometric identification of passengers, improving efficiency in their time of circulation and security robusteciendo areas with high user traffic.

Electoral reliability

In order to eliminate electoral fraud, several countries have implemented updating their voter registrations with biometrics elements to incorporate more safety mechanisms for certifying the identity of each voter and prevent problems associated double voting and impersonation. on some platforms of electronic voting, the fingerprint is used to validate the identity of the voter and enable the start of the session of the vote, ensuring that the rule of one vote per voter is met. Venezuela was the first country to implement biometric authentication in their national elections in 2012.

Safety electronic payments

The PIN or the secret passwordhas been until now the best method for the banks for maintain restricted the access for the bills of each person. However, memory is not an infallible tool, and debit cards are likely to be lost or stolen. For solve this problem, countries like Germany and France are experiencing with biometric systems of electronic payment in the supermarkets. With its fingerprint, customer obtains the access for its account el cliente obtiene acceso a su cuenta without loading a plastic or storing a number, as well as prevent card cloning.


 To prevent fraud in such delicate situations that may endanger the health of citizens, the Hugh Chatham Hospital in North Carolina USA, implemented a multimodal biometric system with fingerprint recognition, iris, face, vein pattern of the palm recognition of patients. This is impossible confusion between medical records, eliminating the risk of offering the patient the wrong treatment.

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