Scorecards for customer loyalty in beauty salons and hairdressers

Plastic card printers are the ideal solution for the loyalty program management.

Points programs are an opportunity for business as it is able to attract and retain customers, to get discounts and promotions on the basis of the time comes. With these programs you can capture points, maintain and retain customers.
Evolis Zenius and EvolisPrimacy printers are ideal for this purpose, it can be perfectly suited to a counter space, they are easy to manage and quick to print. They also allow customer print the photo and data with high quality.



Points programs for customers are very useful for the growth of a business, as well as customer loyalty helps introduce new offers, discounts and promotions, which help in refocusing the business and attracting new clientele.

Loyalty cards, which are also known as card benefits and discounts or points cards are the hardware trade offering bonuses as rewards, discounts, financial benefits, etc. A greater frequency of major trade customer are getting the benefits.

Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacycard printers are ideal in the management and loyalty of regular customers, because allow printing of scorecards instantly with the photo and the customer data. Besides business gets:

  • Segmenting data of your market, useful for campaigns and promotions for their beauty salon and hairdresser.
  • Knowing habits of their customers and therefore direct its business policy.

For obtain the card it is only necessary to give the customer data and in some cases take a picture, from the POS own webcam.
As customers are benefiting from the service and loaded onto the card, data can marry consumer with products or services purchased. This makes it possible to analyze the behavior of its customers beauty salon and hairdresser.

Loyalty cards are an investment in the medium and long term, because eventually an insurance portfolio clients for aesthetic and hairdressing center is created. So loyalty implies a competitive advantage and ensure the prosperity of your business.

Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius printers are ideal for ease of use and design for beauty salons and hairdressers. Thanks to its size and management front cards, Evolis printers are located very well in counters and are very easy to use and manage

The modularity of the Evolis printers can customize according to their needs, so that progress in performance as a function of time and use that you want to give. So you can buy a basic printer and adding encoders (RFID, magnetic stripe, etc.) according to your printing needs.

Kimaldi has a wide range of card printers and is an official partner of Evolis and distributor in Spain. Choose Evolis printer model that fits to your needs and your business.

Kimaldi is the best partner of Evolis 2001-2011. Trust in Kimaldi-Evolis alliance.

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Application reference: 01-2509-123


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